Taking your driving test in Sunderland

You've learnt to drive with us here at Dunbar School of Motoring, and you are now ready to sit your test.

In order to take a practical driving test, you will need to show that you have a positive attitude and a broad spread of driving knowledge, in addition to what you have mastered during your driving lessons in Sunderland. The first driving test you have to take is known as the Theory and Hazard Perception Element.

The Theory test consists of a multiple choice element. You will need to achieve a pass mark of 86% (minimum 43 correct out of 50 questions). General road sense is required in order to pass the test, and both Tony or Chris will help you to gain a good road sense/theoretical knowledge to become a safe driver for life.

The Hazard Perception test is designed to aid road safety. Film clips will be shown as seen from a drivers point of view. You will be able to use your experience gained when behind the wheel on your driving lessons in and around Sunderland. The earlier that you see and identify the hazard the more points you will score. There are 15 scoreable hazards within 14 film clips, meaning one clip will have two scorable hazards. Pass mark 44 out of 75 (59%). Click here to book your test.

The Practical test requires you to bring the following documents to the test.

  • Both parts of your provisional licence.
  • Theory certificate.
  • Letter of appointment.

The test is straightforward. Drive as you have driven during your lessons in and around Sunderland and stay relaxed. Before your test begins your driving examiner will confirm your identity and insurance details, but don't worry, Tony or Chris will have already taken care of the insurance requirements for you. You also have the choice to have your instructor/observer present during your test, so let the examiner know your preference. Then you will be asked to complete the eyesight test. You will need to be able to read a number plate from a minimum of 20 mtrs (depends on number plate type).

Vehicle check questions will then be carried out (show me/tell me). You will be asked basic maintenance questions to ensure that the vehicle is safe for use (as previously provided by Tony or Chris). You can find more info about these questions by clicking here.

The test will begin, lasting about 40 minutes and will include some specific manouveures and an Independent Drive. The examiner will then tell you whether you have been successful or not, but don't worry, Dunbar School of Motoring boast great pass rates and you will have a high chance of passing the test first time having learnt with us as your driving instructors.

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"1st time pass - Really enjoyed my training, was able to learn around work and college and Tony was really flexible with my pick up and drop offs, nothing was a problem to him. He was really patient and friendly, loved my driving lessons. Helped me pass my theory first time too. Thanks Tony.

- Lewis, Seaburn, Sunderland